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"We out think, out work and out execute our opponents and competitors."


Expertly prepared claim documentation: Poorly prepared and unsupported claims result in unsatisfactory settlements and waste everyones time.


We claim everything you are entitled to: We understand your coverage and identify  what you are entitled to. Overstated or exaggerated claims invite unproductive scrutiny, weaken credibility, complicate and delay review and seldom results in greater recovery.


There is no right or wrong answer:  Interpretations of the same policy language often vary and opinions about whether an item is covered or if it should be repaired or replaced often differ. We know the arguments that win and when compromise settlements are appropriate.


Expect the unexpected: There will be delays, the preliminary offers will be low, everything will be scrutinized. You must remain patient and we will be persistent.


Stick to the facts: Facts and details will ultimately win negotiations. 


Leggo of my ego: Expect that insurance companies, their adjusters and experts will act in their own self interest. We understand how to show them that a fair settlement of your claim is also in their best interest. Understand, that they do not have the emotional attachment that you do. Its about the numbers.


Fool me once, shame on you: Insurance companies, their adjusters and experts have seen and heard it all. They are not likely to be fooled. 


Maintain control: We control the pace and tone of the adjustment process. Cooperation and planning go a long way. 


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