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"Our goal is to help businesses achieve the greatest loss recovery in the shortest possible time."


After paying many years of premiums to an insurance company, it is understandable that an insured would expect to get paid for their losses promptly. However, when a policyholder learns that they have to prepare a claim that will withstand the scrutiny of insurance adjusters, their experts and forensic accountants they are often surprised. The company's executives may not see claim preparation as a critical immediate step. The companies main priority after suffering a loss or business interruption is not preparing a claim but restoring the operations as soon as possible. 


Surprisingly, the effort to document, present and negotiate an insurance claim is often one of the most challenging parts of recovery. The loss adjustment process can be long and arduous. It can involve a variety of parties, each with different interest and expertise and can entail a tremendous amount of documentation and analysis.


This is where Just Claims can help. We will spearhead your insurance claim loss recovery efforts allowing you to focus on the business. We will work with you to secure emergency services, repair estimating, preparation of inventories, business income, expediting and extra expense claims.

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