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"We believe a Public Adjuster should be more than an adviser. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and focus on outcomes. We align our incentives with our clients’ by linking our fees to their results and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their loss recovery.  We do the right thing for our clients, people and communities - always."


Public Adjuster Claim Services


Public Adjusters negotiate against some of the most powerful companies in the world. The job of a public insurance adjuster is a difficult and complex profession which requires a great deal of knowledge about insurance policies and principles; a great deal of knowledge of the law; a thorough understanding of negotiation principles; the skill of insurance damage estimating; perfection in his/her analysis of damages and satisfying the needs of the property owner during one of the most difficult times that a property owner will ever face.


Just Claims Public Insurance Adjusters can remove the uncertainty and minimize the stress and aggravation from the insurance claim process. Our Public Insurance Adjusters are, experienced, licensed and bonded professionals engaged by policyholders who have sustained a loss to provide assistance with the loss settlement process. We employ a high degree of technical skill and knowledge in this highly specialized field. We diligently represent policyholders interests exclusively; we do not have the conflict of interest that can exist for an agent or independent adjuster whose loyalty and responsibilities is to the insurance company. Just Claims Public Adjusters represent your interests solely and owe no loyalties to others parties in the adjustment process. We maximize your settlement because our focus is to secure the greatest settlement under the terms of you policy.


Our mission is to mitigate your loss quickly and prepare and perfect your claim. Our expert Loss Advisers, Public Adjusters and subject matter Experts will assess, measure, compile, present and help you negotiate your Claim to a favorable settlement. Just Claims Public Adjusters serves as your lead for these negotiations against the insurance company.  Our goal is to ensure that you get the greatest possible financial recovery within the terms of your policy and to settle your claim expeditiously and as cost  effectively as possible.


When experience a loss your immediate concern should be to mitigate the damage and get back to a pre-loss state as quickly There are many critical decisions to be made. Missteps or omissions in the handling of a claim such as: inadequate loss control, incomplete presentation, poor preparation, undervaluation or improper interpretation of your policy will result in excessive costs, lengthy delays, lack of coverage and ultimately deficient settlements. We will guide you in making the appropriate  decisions and work with your insurance company and their representatives to ensure a throrough and accurate presentation of your claim.


Insurance companies often employ talent to mitigate their losses and handle claims on their behalf. Experienced and professional adjusters, construction experts, engineers, forensic accountants and other specialists are utilized to analyze your claim and to represent the insurance companies interests. These professionals handle claims on a day to day basis and are very effective at negotiation and mitigating costs for the insurance company.  On the other hand, loss adjustments are usually not a situation which the policyholder is used to encountering. When they do the complexity of their policy, burdensome requirements and lack of insurance policy and and loss recovery knowledge is overwhelming.


Just Claims has the experience, resources and ability to manage the process successfully. Our professionals develop plans dedicated to your interests bringing the resources together which are best suited for the given circumstances. Our teams are structured to meet the needs of each client with a view to bringing the claim details to a position ready for presentation to insurers and, most importantly, to a position where substantiation and a favorable settlement may be achieved as completely and quickly as possible. Our analysis of your claim, knowledge of insurance policy coverages and loss recovery tactics result increased insurance recoveries.


Disaster can strike at anytime leaving your home or business damaged and turning your world upside-down. Filing a claim with the insurance company is a tedious and stressful process. Handling a claim yourself without the proper knowledge and tools can lead to omissions or errors, which will reduce your settlement. Relying only on the insurance company’s adjuster estimate of damages is not prudent. The adjuster provided by the insurance company works for them and their job is to arrive at a low settlement as quickly as possible. Remember the burden of proof rests on you, the insured, not the insurance company.


A professionally adjusted and prepared claim increases the likelihood that you will receive all the maximum you are entitled to from the insurance company while minimizing your aggravation. Insurance coverage is not an exact science, maximizing a claim is more of an art form which encompasses what can be proven, substantiated and negotiated within the terms of your insurance coverage.


Insurance Claim Process


Just Claims Public Adjusters team of professionals will arrange and promptly develop a strategic plan for recovery. We work closely with each client to understand their requirements, objectives and goals. Just Claims Public Adjusters will work with you through the progression of your claim and keep you fully informed of our progress along the way. Knowing that your claim is being handled diligently will allow you tend to your normal operations and other recovery efforts, while ensuring that you are on equal footing with the Insurance company.


Key Activities


  • Address your immediate questions and concerns about the loss.

  • Meet with you, at your convenience, to assess your immediate needs, and to assist you with any emergency measures, housing, security and protection from liability.

  • Assemble Claim Preparation Team

  • Report your loss, provide written notice

  • Investigate and measure the extent of the loss.

  • Establish a professional line of communication with the insurance company's representatives (i.e. staff and independent adjusters, accountants, experts and attorneys )

  • Expedite emergency services and building repairs

  • Examine your policy to analyze coverage.

  • Respond to non-waivers and reservations of rights

  • Evaluate clients compliance responsibilities. Assisting you and advising you in how to substantiate and support your claim.

  • Prepare detailed computer model estimates and evaluations of the claim with industry standard tools such as xactimate. 

  • Prepare supplemental claims filings and summaries of items in dispute.

  • Prepare documentation for advance and interim payment requests

  • Facilitate the inspection of your property with the company adjuster to establish an agreed scope of damage.

  • Correlate information received from builders, architects, engineers, contractors, restoration companies, vendors, accountants, salvors or other experts

  • Gather documentation and prepare damage, business and personal property inventories and valuations of replacement cost / depreciation / actual cash values

  • Prepare statements according to your books and/or accounting records of the cost of property or business interruption losses

  • Assemble and prepare data for business interruption, extra expenses, loss of rents, and additional living expense claims

  • Assess production and sales trends to forecast business interruption

  • Finalize inventory, estimate, statement of values and loss or any account necessary to present claim and deliver to insurance company representatives

  • Apportion the loss if necessary (multiple insurance policies)

  • Present Summary of Loss and insurance claim package to the adjuster in a professional and user friendly format.


  • See that Proof of Loss is executed and filed timely

  • Represent your objectives and interests, act as conduit for negotiation and settlement of the claim to insured's satisfaction

  • File supplemental claims

  • If necessary, arrange for appeals or appraisal from any adverse position taken by claims representative

  • Follow-up on status and collections of the claim

  • Assemble and prepare documentation for post settlement recoverable depreciation recovery and/or other allowances withheld

  • Coordinate submission of claim documentation, settlement checks and payment requests with supporting repair documentation to insured's mortgage company or lien holders

  • Assess and negotiate salvage buybacks

  • Assist with any subrogation efforts required of you or on your behalf.

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