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"Determination, knowledge and hard work

separates the contenders from the pretenders"


Achieving great results for our clients is the paramount objective. We make our living on the basis of our accomplishments. Our clients come to us because we win more for our clients.

Because Experience and Skills Matter

Our adjusters have adjusted over 1000 claims to settlement. We never push our clients to accept a sub-optimal settlement because we don't want to put in the effort. We view carrier resistance as an opportunity for client success, not a crisis. Our experience, adjusting and negotiation skills are what allow us to harness the evidence and law necessary to negotiate favorable settlements and secure victories. For this reason, clients regularly ask us to handle new and supplemental claims; they engage us to take over when they realize that the insurance company is not treating them fairly or they just weren’t prepared to take it all the way when needed.

Because Tackling the Difficult Cases Matters

Many clients come to us with difficult cases involving seemingly unmanageable problems or damaging facts. But those are the cases we thrive on, because we enjoy and even relish the challenge. We adjust every case with a purpose and our success begins with partnering with our clients to develop a compelling strategic plan. At the start of each engagement, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to set realistic objectives and define what success means for that particular claim both from a financial and personal standpoint. With those established goals in mind, we draw upon our analytical acumen and experience to formulate a clear, effective strategy. We know which facts really matter, what arguments are key, and which fights to pick. In this fashion, we are able to guide our clients through the toughest of cases.

Solutions, Not Problems


At Just Claims Public Adjusters we do things differently.  We provide clear and practical advice and help our clients achieve their objectives through economical and sensible strategies. Our wealth of experience and knowledge specializing in insurance claims gives you a huge advantage when negotiating a settlement.


Knowledge & Specialism


Businesses and Homeowners of all kinds turn to Just Claims insurance adjusters with their most important and challenging losses and claims. Successfully resolving complex personal and commercial claims is an art as much as a science. That’s why it pays to engage experts with extensive knowledge of dealing with the most complicated and sensitive elements of a claim. Our adjusters have backgrounds working for insurance companies. Therefore we are intimately familiar with their claims handling procedures, operations, payment philosophies, protocols and the internal challenges they face.


Our Public Adjusters are prepared to ensure that even the most complex claims are quickly and professionally resolved. We assemble the most qualified team of experts tailored to your situation and demands where specialized expertise is required. Our team consists of the most qualified professionals including Licensed Adjusters, Appraisers, Attorneys, CPAs, Emergency Services and Restoration Companies.  Our thorough analysis and exhaustive preparation of your claim paired with our knowledge of insurance coverage and loss recovery methods result in the greatest possible financial settlement and cost effective recovery. The knowledge and experience of our experts has proved invaluable to our clients across many sectors.


Valued Relationships with Clients


Commitment to our clients is a rule we at Just Claims are committed to. We have a 'can do' approach to the business of claims and work collaboratively with clients to deliver technical excellence underpinned by practical solutions. But we also know that technical excellence is not enough – being accessible, responsive and caring about our clients' needs is what drives our business relationships. The foundation of our success is solid long-term relationships with our clients. We foster personalized, one-on-one client relationships while at the same time emphasizing the team approach to solving complex claim problems. By doing so, we are able to combine creative solutions, sound claims analysis and responsive service while still maintaining cost-effectiveness.  Insight, experience and commercial acumen are just some of the qualities that make our Public Insurance Adjusters successful. Channeling those qualities into powerful partnerships with our clients is what makes us different.


Experience & Expertise


Our philosophy has been developed through the handling of thousands of claims in diverse areas of expertise.  We strive to achieve a well thought out strategy that consistently delivers desired results for our clients. With wide-ranging and varied experience in insurance and commerce, Just Claims  professionals don’t just understand insurance claims, law and accounting, they understand business and more importantly people. That is why our creative property solutions are so effective in helping companies to achieve a full recovery, following disruption or disaster. Our Public Adjusters are widely respected for the depth of their industry knowledge, and for being responsive, efficient, and easy to work with.


Our expertise is regularly drawn upon not only by our clients but also by other firms for specific matters. We continually develop the skills of our associates through professional training and continuing education programs. It is testimony to our expertise and experience that we receive a substantial proportion of our business through professional referrals and recommendations. Insurance Agents, Brokers, Lawyers, Accountants, Adjusters, Executives, Builders, Contractors, Engineers, family and friends all recognize the value added by our particular specialization and innovative approach.


Innovation & Authority


Sometimes, it isn’t enough to follow the exact terms of the insurance policy, or the guidelines governing the usual management and settlement of a claim. The realities of a situation often demand a much more flexible and creative approach. Just Claims Public Adjusters has a strong track record of finding creative solutions to complex problems. We use our knowledge and experience constructively to anticipate developments, to identify opportunities and to bring new and innovative ideas to our clients.  


Objectivity & Independence


Just Claims Public Insurance Adjusters understands that being objective and championing the needs of the policyholder are not mutually exclusive. Far from it, objectivity and independence are pre-requisites. This is because, more often than many people realize, collaboration not confrontation is the secret to accomplishing the optimum outcome. This is especially true of complex insurance claims, where it is necessary to craft genuine win-win solutions in order to obtain the full co-operation of insurers and achieve the most valuable settlement. Of course, some firms will say that value is all about “maximizing the size of your claim.” This may not always be the desired result or in the best interest of the client. What sets us apart is our ability to achieve your objectives, whatever they may be and satisfy your goals.

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